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Since the announcement don't allow comments, I'm starting a new thread. It doesn't work. Don't try until Quicken fixes this. The workaround may create duplicate transactions that are impossible to find and fix if you have thousands of transactions in the file. I tried the workaround. I tried to deactivate accounts and reactivate. Nothing works correctly. I'm glad that I backed it up before starting this. I've restored to the backup, and I'm going to wait until Quicken announces this is actually working, which better be before the 9/26 cutoff listed in their email message.


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    I'm going to tack on to my post. The cloud sync is messed up and keeps hanging up when I try to resync to the backup. That effectively makes the app useless to me now, until this is fixed and I can reset the cloud sync from scratch, which takes forever, so I'm not going to do it now, then again after the Chase business is fixed. It appears to me that Quicken should shut this off until they can issue an update where this Chase update works correctly. My opinion: Quicken has violated the cardinal rule - If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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    Aaron4738 said:
    My opinion: Quicken has violated the cardinal rule - If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
    My opinion is that statement is ridiculous and just shows that people don't understand how the world works.

    The world forces change on you and if you don't accept that it just rolls right over you, it doesn't care.

    Chase decided to change the connection method.  Even though Quicken Inc is "onboard" with that, they aren't the one's making the decision.  They have two choices, change or leave their customers with no connection method at all.

    Hopefully they will work out these problems, but there is no chance that they will be "stopping" this change.

    On the subject of the Cloud Sync problem, you should do Help -> Report a problem.
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    my comment wasn't about the change. we've had many connection method changes in the past, and Quicken never had a problem with making the change. It was simple enough to disable the old connection method and reestablish the connection with the new method. This methodology with Chase is different and doesn't work. That was my comment. If Quicken needs to change something, it should be fully vetted, especially since they've given us an end of September ultimatum. Please read more carefully before posting snark. If you have something constructive to add to the conversation, feel free. Otherwise, save your snark for Facebook, and leave Quicken and this forum to the grownups.
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    I 100% agree with Aaron4738. RE Chris_QPW remarks - I'm not shelling out money for, "Hopefully they will work out these problems"....this is how the world works!
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    Update 9/7/22. Quicken has posted an update that supposedly addresses the issues. I tried it with one account (I have 6 chase accounts) and it created a duplicate account. Again, I'm not about to move thousands of transactions from the old one, Especially when it wants to confirm that I want to move each reconciled transaction. Quicken - it still doesn't work.
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    Yeah, that was the most embarrassing attempt at an update I have seen in a while. It simply doesn't work, and worse than that, screws up balances and accounts. Luckily, I had a backup to go to which fixed the incorrect balances / duplicate entries, the non-linking accounts, etc. I am not trying again until the 26th.
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    It is the 16th and with 10 days to spare, it appears that this update works well enough. With the second patch, it appears my accounts are now all express connect +. I did that last night, and then did a one step update this morning. It wasn't perfect because it tried to download the last 30 days worth of transactions into my accounts. However, the real transactions matched and all the duplicates were "new", so they were easy enough to delete. But warning, you'll need to look out for that so as not to duplicate transactions in your register. The only thing I don't like, which is pretty minor, is that the One Step update refers to the chase account numbers while updating, rather than my account nicknames like all the others do. I'd like to see that fixed, but I admit it's cosmetic and not functional.