Chase Connections

When connecting to chase, what is the difference for Chase vs. Chase Smart Data?


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I'm not sure but it looks like Smart Data is a corporate credit card system, so I'd go with the other one.
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  • jerry7773
    jerry7773 Member ✭✭
    Hard to believe - even with the latest Quicken Update - this is still a complete disaster. I had two days into this (before the latest update in Aug, yesterday Sept 6th and again today). Luckily I had multiple backups each time to go to and I am not reattempting this mess again until they actually test and QA their code changes. So sick, I am feeling like I pay them for totally inadequate quality assurance testing.
  • Every time I use Quicken (Mac Monterey) I have to go thru the Quicken two-step and verify my account, EVERY TIME! Come on Quicken--fix it!
  • Dublin
    Dublin Member
    Same with me. 95% of time with will have me do the two step process--painful
  • jammerdjc
    jammerdjc Member ✭✭
    I have to go through the process, but it never successfully links. It goes to the web, but after authentication the referal back to Quicken never succeeds. Quicken just sits there and spins waiting for whatever message it needs to allow downloads.