Quicken budget report totals are wrong

KDL Member ✭✭
Attached screen shot shows the expense portion of a budget report. In the Actuals column, the total at top is $145,775. But the categories underneath only add up to $115,311. It seems to me that no matter how I configure the accounts and categories in this report, the top total should *always* equal the sum of the categories.

Here's a clue about this report. I have 2 versions, one which excludes all transfers and this one which includes them. The no-transfer version works. This version does not. I do have some transfers noted in the budget. And there were some, but they are clearly not shown in this report. Why is this happening?

Again, my theory is that I mis-configure the report to exclude or include the wrong things. the totals should *always match*. The report may not include the appropriate items and thus the totals may not reflect my actual expense plus transfers, but that's my problem. Quicken's problem seems to be arithmetic.

This is Quicken R42.21, build, on a Windows 10 system.


  • Brian Coleman
    Brian Coleman Member ✭✭
    I have the same problem. Very frustrating.
  • Rebecca961
    Rebecca961 Member
    Is there no answer to this problem? It is hard to use the report for planning when it doesn't total properly.