Register vertical resizing with splitter doesn't expand downloaded trans list

glacial Member ✭✭
I just got the 43.20 update on startup today. It broke increasing the height of the downloaded transactions list below the register.

I often get dozens of new transactions in the download list and need to be able to see them all when entering & reconciling. Because the [Removed - Language] list resets to the top each time you make an edit in the register.

Until this update, using the splitter between the register in the downloaded transactions list would allow me to shrink the register vertically and expand the d/l trans list vertically.
Now, it shrinks the register, but just moves up the d/l trans list without increasing the number of displayed rows, which appears to now be fixed at just 6 rows.

[edit] On further examination, it's not totally broken. It's another refresh bug. Initial resizing is broken, but changing to another register and then expanding the d/l trans list to fill the enlarged bottom area.

I wish Quicken devs would stop breaking stuff with each update...