Talbots (ie Comenity bank) not downloading

I have been unable connect to and download my Talbots transactions since sometime in June. Last successful download was on 6/9/2022. Express web connect does not download anything (but gives no errors).
If you go directly to the website the download option no longer has a choice for Quicken (QFX - Quicken) format. They only have choices for Excel format and Open Financial Exchange (OFX) format. Neither of which is supported by Quicken. This has previously worked for many years (since at least 2010).
I called Talbots (i.e. Comenity bank) support and they never heard of Quicken. The CSR was politely dismissive and said if it’s not on the website it doesn't exist. No explanation as to whether this is intentional or a bug/system problem. To my knowledge no notice was made to customers as to their intention to stop supporting Quicken.
I know Comenity bank processes many store branded credit cards and I suspect they may have the same issue.
Anyone have any input on this issue.