Chase Online Balance doesn't match actual balance

I have an account (one of three) where the Online Balance doesn't match what is online when I directly access Chase via the Web. I did an Reset Connection and the Online Balance matched however when I clicked Reconciliation the Reconciliation Online Balance was the old incorrect number. Restarting Quicken reset the Online Balance to the old and inaccurate number. Given the changes to Chase, and the changing Online balance I am assuming this is an issue within Quicken.


  • J_Mike
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  • Good to know, and my Online Balance is lower than my actual with pending, however it seems something is challenged here with Chase so perhaps waiting this out makes sense.
  • Dennis Mc
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    I have the same issue, my online balance is lower than my actual online balance. This occurred after reauthorizing my account. I see no resolution.
  • Alberico
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    I have the same issue with Bank of America. Three accounts, just one does not display correctly. This only happened after I was forced to move from Direct Connect to Web Connect.
  • MGC CO
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    I have the same issue with Firstbank of Colorado. Online balance reported by Quicken Mac/Deluxe is actually the balance after pending transactions and authorizations subtracted from cleared balance. Cannot reconcile account in Quicken due to this error. Is it Quicken or my bank?
  • bmtndog
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    I am also seeing this for the past couple of weeks. The reconcile balance is the "available" balance not the "current" balance, that is it includes pending transactions that have not cleared.