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  • btrelli
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    I just hung up with M&T, I was told it is a Quicken issue that M&T and Quicken are trying to resolve, that is what M&T Tech Support told me.
  • pflipper
    pflipper Member
    And if you talk to Quicken they will say it's M&T's issue. No resolution in sight and all they can do is finger point!
  • btrelli
    btrelli Member ✭✭
    Yes That is what Quicken told me, it is M&T issue and M&T told me it is Quicken issue. UNREAL
  • Chris L.
    Chris L. Member ✭✭
    Same issue here. All my accounts work perfectly, except M&T. Error code OL-297-A. I don't have 4 hours to spend on hold but have sent them several secure messages.
  • btrelli
    btrelli Member ✭✭
    Same all my accounts work perfect as well and so did my Peoples acounts work perfect until the merge
  • Chris L.
    Chris L. Member ✭✭
    So- I just cleared out my Connection to M&T and started over. This time, I selected M&T Mortgage Corp. It connected and I was able to synch my 7 accounts with M&T. I also completed a one-step update and I think it worked. I need to make a few more transactions to be completely sure. Setting up this connection was "Web Connect" not "Direct Connect", so I really don't know what the ramifications will be.
  • MakChen
    MakChen Member
    Thanks Chris L. - did the same and was able to link existing accounts to M&T accounts. I'll try some additional transactions to be sure too.
  • jancarpenter
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    omg - Chris L - you're a genius. I'm so angry this took so long (and who knows how long it'll work), I'm thinking of leaving the bank anyway. They are terrible at customer service.... Thanks to the Quicken Community
  • Gfactor
    Gfactor Member ✭✭
    Peoples united to M&T Bank direct connect OL-297-A Code
    using Windows 10 with the Quicken rental property software has the latest update.
  • JWStone
    JWStone Member
    well - holy **** - you're right ChrisL - it looks like M&T Mortgage worked.
  • btrelli
    btrelli Member ✭✭
    Yes you are right, I just downloaded all accounts and transactions through M&T Mortgage
  • Getting same error message OL-297-A. Last update was 9-9-22. Checked both recommended settings discussed in this chain and all are correct. Agree Quicken needs to work with M&T to resolve the problem.
  • pflipper
    pflipper Member
    I know y'all are excited that M&T using Web connect is "working" but if you use Quicken to upload transactions that isn't going to work. Direct Connect allows for downloading and uploading where Web Connect only allows for downloading.
  • pflipper
    pflipper Member
    As I feared this only works to download transactions. You cannot upload. For me this is not an option. I use Quicken to manage my finances not just track them.
  • DDKessler
    DDKessler Member
    I am having the OL-297a connection issue with M&T Bank for 2 weeks. I have been using direct connect with M&T bank for years and am not part of the recent merger. I have tried resetting, deactivating and reactivating account and still not working. I tried resetting advanced internet settings in control panel as suggested in another post. Please advise. Thanks.
  • SMW
    SMW Member
    I'm having the same issue. My internet options are all correct. I am a former Peoples United Bank customer acquired by M&T. My accounts were migrated over after much hassle. Last week Quicken was working. This week I'm getting the OL-297-A error when attempting to make online payments. Please fix the problem between Quicken and M&T.
  • Skull0752
    Skull0752 Member ✭✭
    I have been receiving the OL-297-A error with my M&T direct connect for the past two days I am unable to download my transactions. Every few weeks there is an issue with Quicken connecting to M&T.
  • Keeley_K
    Keeley_K Member
    My accounts were part of the Peoples United to M&T Bank conversion. I was able to link to M&T Bank Direct Connect on Tues, 09/06, but haven't been able to connect ever since. I continue to receive error codes the most recent being "OL-297-A Quicken is unable to establish an internet connection." Has anyone been able to get beyond this point?
  • JAC_CT
    JAC_CT Member
    14 SEPT - I gave up trying to reach M&T customer service. By the looks of things it wouldn't have accomplished anything anyway. I did follow Chris L.'s lead of using M&T Mortgage Company to connect (thank you Chris L.) and have been successful in downloading my accounts' transactions and balances. I understand the differences between Direct Connect and Web Connect and since I only use Quicken for tracking all of my banking and credit card transactions it will serve my purposes. My experiences with Quicken have lead me to believe Direct Connect method is generally less likely to present problems on an on going basis and I would prefer to use it over Web Connect. So I will continue to push for a resolution and switch to Direct Connect when the issue with M&T is resolved. That is assuming I stay with M&T long enough to see it through. ( BTW I have been using Quicken since the "80s. )
  • John717
    John717 Member
    I have been having the same exact issue. M&T customer service claims they are trying to correct it. It has bee out for a week straight now.
  • EWK
    EWK Member
    Same problem as last spring M&T not connecting to internet...... What's up????? OL297a error...
    Have tried everything, nothing works...
  • pflipper
    pflipper Member
    I had a brief conversation with Quicken support and they admitted to a connection problem that they are working with M&T Bank to resolve but they do not know when it will be fixed. Considering it has been over a week I am ready to stop using Quicken and just use M&T online banking. Sad considering how many years I've been loyal to Quicken. But if they can't figure out how to fix this, I'll be moving on.
  • Nickp
    Nickp Member
    Had quicken setup and working last Tuesday 9/6 but on Monday 9/12 got errors indicating no DNS Resolve for there server. No communication from the bank by phone or email and the local branch has no idea. Quicken support is clueless also.
  • karbok
    karbok Member
    Chris L is indeed a genius. Thanks. Lets hope it continues to work.
  • Marie C
    Marie C Member ✭✭
    I am getting the same OL-297-A error. I am not a former People's United Bank customer. My Direct Connect access worked absolutely fine until the merger. Then it worked sporadically and now not at all. Frustrating. I've been considering leaving M&T and this is making it more likely.
  • Nickp
    Nickp Member
    The problem with M&T Bank is the DNS entry for the direct connect server has been removed, without a DNS entry no one can connect to the server. Quicken and the bank are blaming each other but if the bank owns the server, then maintaining DNS entry is there responsibility. This bank is in chaos with the peoples transition thats gone bad. There CIO needs to be kicked to the curb for this mess.
  • joekivel
    joekivel Member ✭✭
    Marie C - I previously posted that I thought that the problem is that the M&T Server isn't capable of handling the increased workload caused by the addition of Peoples added customers. I was moved from Peoples to M&T on 9/6, like ALL Peoples customers. Completed Online setup without any problem but as of 9/7 quicken failed to connect to M&T after that. ALL the Peoples customers now online. I have to wait until a couple of direct deposits are transferred to a new checking account that I opened up - last one will be 10-19. Then I'm closing M&T. This problem was foreseeable and should not have happened. It will NOT be a quick fix, if I am correct that their server does not have the capacity to handle the demand.
  • djersey1
    djersey1 Member ✭✭
    Since M&T's website came back online I cannot download any transaction into Quicken. Waited almost 2 hours for support callback. TWICE!, As soon as the agent went to tier 2 support I was disconnected within a minute of being put on hold. To me, it sounds as if this is a much bigger problem. I hope they rectify it soon. Quicken says M&T Quick Connect servers are not accepting DNS settings from my network. Anyone hearing different?
  • pocoman54
    pocoman54 Member
    I also have this problem and have sent a Problem Report with CONNLOG file. My problem started 9/12/2022.
    NYSEG Member
    My last down load with M&T was Saturday 9/10 /22. since then the error code OL-297 Quicken can not establish internet connection is all I get even with today's update to version43.26