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  • Gfactor
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    edited September 20
    My direct connection still not working
    at times, it communicates with the bank, but no transactions are download.
  • SMW
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    online forum suggested unclicking "use TLS 1.0" and rebooting. No change; same OL-207-A error message. Tonight M&T said Quicken recommended unchecking "use TLS 1.2" and rebooting. No difference! This is all rather silly! Does anyone really know what is going on with Quicken and M&T and how to resolve the problem?
  • btrelli
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    Start over and use M&T Mortgage Corp. and it works great, all your accounts will download and update every day, I have been doing it this way for a week with no problems.
  • mdjcm
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    quicken and M&T online seem to be working and I went through M&T business. My other issue now is with M&T and CapitalOne. Payments that were allowed from some People"s accounts have been denied by M&T.
  • BBCT
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    > @btrelli said:
    > Start over and use M&T Mortgage Corp. and it works great, all your accounts will download and update every day, I have been doing it this way for a week with no problems.

    Hey all: This worked liked a charm for me. I had a different issue: Former People's customer. Quicken found my M&T account to add to OSU, but it wouldn't save my credentials. Each time I had to set it up all over again as if I was setting up online updates for my M&T account for the first time.

    When I switched to M&T Mortgage, it worked great and saved my credentials and now OSU is working normally for M&T.

    Thank you to @btrelli and ZERO thanks to M&T for completely borking this entire transition.

    Now, the next question is: Will I be grandfathered in to the no fee Direct Connect, as M&T promised, or will they start charging me $10/month, which is an absolute outrage? Warning M&T: If you start charging me, I will close may account, move to one of the several local banks who do NOT charge and then report you to my state attorney general, who is already looking into your miserable incompetence in the transition of People's customers.
  • Eliz 51
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    Has anyone found a solution? End of Sept and I am still not able to get my Quicken connected, i was able to connect my business accounts to quickbooks, but not personal accounts to quicken. Is this solved? or are they still working on connection? anyone have any success?
  • btrelli
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    Start Over and use M&T Mortgage Corp. not Direct Connect and it works perfect been doing this for the last week.
  • Gfactor
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    Neither connection works for me. I’m able to connect my accounts however nothing downloads. M&T BANK was working with me for two hours today they took log files screenshots etc.. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.
  • WABR
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    I have been having issues since the People's/M&T Merger -- the same errros as reported in the thread. I followed Btrelli's suggestion from September 23. I chose M&T Mortgage Corp. and it works.
  • joekivel
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    If you want to use Quicken to pay bills from a M&T Checking account, it won't work. You can only download, but can't upload.
  • Gfactor
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    We are still receiving errors
    starts with OL 297, then becomes OL 220
  • William J
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    When I called M&T they told me not to save the password.

    Ok... but when I try and update I get the window (see photo), where one can highlight M&T Bank - Direct Connect.
    But when one hits ok nothing happens.
  • btrelli
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    Dont use Direct Connect, Use M&T Mortgage Corp.
  • leila45
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    After reading through all these comments, and talking with the M&T tech specialists (not just their regular customer service), here's my understanding what has worked for me and why:

    Direct connect is necessary for certain (especially older) desktop versions of Quicken, to allow the app to communicate properly with M&T or other banking institution.

    I am using Quicken Deluxe for Mac on my desktop, so I thought that I would also need to use direct connect. However, a while back Quicken switched me to a subscription service for the desktop app, so even though I am using a desktop app the program is using intuit's cloud and acting like a web-based version. [You can tell by the Quicken menu --> About Quicken] Therefore, it does not need Direct Connect and will not communicate properly with it.

    So I chose M&T Bank Corporation, entered my info and security questions, and all seems to be working well over the last days. (I think M&T Mortgage Corp would also work in the same manner, but not the business-specific options if you're a personal user.) And the M&T tech support can see a web-based Quicken connection coming in when I logged on with them on the phone.

    Also -- I asked about the M&T Direct Connect fee being waived for People's customers: M&T said that as long as you maintain an account that came from People's, the Direct Connect fee will be waived forever. That fee would only be assessed if you closed all accts that came from People's and opened a different acct with M&T and used Direct Connect for that new account.
  • Marie C
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    I am a former Wilmington Trust customer which merged with M&T some years ago. M&T waived my Direct Connect fee after calling them. It has been waived indefinitely. That being said, presently the Direct Connect does not work for me. I have been able to connect using the M&T Mortgage connection. The difference with Direct Connect is that it is a two way connection. Using Direct Connect I can pay my bills directly in Quicken. When I do a One Step Update the bill payments are uploaded to M&T and any new transactions are downloaded. So the uploads will not work without Direct Connect. If I was paying the $9.95 fee I would be looking for a new bank. For the time being, I am going on the M&T website to make my payments and then downloading them into Quicken. This is the only financial institution that I deal with that has a fee for using Quicken. I will probably be looking for a new bank very soon. Any suggestions for banks that will allow paying inside Quicken and uploading?
  • William J
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    From Lorraine - M&T Customer Service
    Subject RE: Conversion Inquiry Peoples United


    Dear William:

    Welcome to M&T Bank!

    Thank you for your Direct Connect notice. I understand your concerns and I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

    A known issue has been identified which is preventing Quicken from connecting to M&T Direct Connect. This is not an error on your part. We are waiting on an update from Quicken to resolve this issue. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

    If you have any additional questions, please email us, or contact the M&T Online Telephone Banking Center at 1-800-790-9130. Representatives are available Monday through Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm, ET.

    Thank you for banking with M&T.
  • Reboog811
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    I'm getting the same 'please enter your password' dialog that I see a lot of other people see when trying to download transactions. Spent a couple hours w/ Quick support who told me it was a problem with the bank.

    I am able to add / connect my accounts, but not download transactions or any other info.
  • btrelli
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    Start over and use M&T Mortgage to download accounts after that everything works fine
  • Reboog811
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    Removing the "!" from my password is what worked for me.
  • ChasPro
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    I'm a life-long M&T customer, and I'm experiencing similar issues today (October 31), where my last attempt to connect was 10/8/2022. At that time, I hadn't experienced any issues with M&T Direct Connect or Bill Pay services. I'd have to agree that the merger has increased the burden on their systems and their staff ... but not acceptable. M&T Support walked me through several steps, and they contacted their in-house tech staff, who indicated there is still a known issue (even though Quicken's Alert notification is set to Resolves as of 10/20/2022).
  • Dr. O
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    I wish that M&T could modify their online app so that it would mirror the advantages of Quicken's ability to have a Payee roster and be able to send funds to payees...