My account changed banks (Q Mac)

How do I changed the information in my account (Peoples United) to the bank that acquired them? I can change the connection but need to change all the settings, if I set it up as a new account I get a limited download but as a new account in Quicken I don't have the previous transactions.


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    I can change the connection but need to change all the settings
    What's the problem with this? Disconnecting the account & then connecting it to the new bank is what I would do, it shouldn't require anything more than your login credentials with the new bank. Is it refusing to match up your Quicken account with the bank account?
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  • Thank you but still won't connect but might be them now. Will try again later
  • elkodsi
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    I have been having the same issue with M&T bank since the merger on 9/6, unable to connect my M&T accounts. I have removed the connection from both checking and money market accounts, and tried to reconnect or add the accounts; quicken sees the accounts, but is not able to communicate with them. I am getting an error message about not being able to communicate with Direct Connect.
  • I found their instructions for reconnecting (not easy to find) but don't have the patience to call customer service and sit on hold for 30-45 minutes.