Expand category column width in budget screen (Q Mac)

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The ability to fill the entire window in the budget so the categories are not truncated. Right now there is a lot of white space which makes no sense why I would want that and truncated categories. 
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  • jacobs
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    @mybank2002 I would re-title this request something like "Expand category column width in budget screen"; I think that's the issue.

    And I'd add that although you've illustrated it quite well for the 1-month budget view, the same issue with the category column being too narrow exists in the 12-month budget view as well. I grabbed this image from a previous post you made on this subject, which illustrates the problem of truncated category names in the 12-month budget view:

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  • mybank2002
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    Thanks a bunch! I would like to update those but not sure how to do that doesn't seem to be a little pencil or anything that shows edit.