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There are some account types that do not allow attachments to be made directly to the specific register entry (i.e. an IRA account), although it can be added to a "list" of attachments as "other" vs "statement". In the "other" category, it would be very helpful to indicate exactly what the "other" attachment is..i.e. correspondence, document, etc. so that when the "attachments" window opens it's easy to identify attachments other than statements by a description rather than having to guess what the attachment is or having to view several attachments in the "other" column to find the one you're looking for. Likewise, in the "statement" column perhaps a field for the statement date rather than just a "1" in the "statement" column.
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    AFAIK, but I don't use attachments myself ...
    Look in Edit / Preferences / Investments
    and set the two red-circled settings to the opposite of what the image is showing. You want to show an Attach button and you do not want to hide Attachments.
    These settings apply to all investment registers.