import CSV files into quicken

I have read prior discussions about not supporting import of transactions via CSV files.
I am a long time quicken user, since day one of Quicken. You used to support importing of transactios via CSV.
With more and more companies no longer supporting QFX downloads ( eg Venmo), please bring back this feature.
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  • semiconducted
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    Coinbase also only exports CSV & PDF and does not allow downloading transactions over direct connect. At LEAST, provide a sample "mint" CSV template for us to use!
  • jacobs
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    Please read this thread, top to bottom. The solution for the syntax of the Mint CSV is shared in this thread.

    (There are also some third-party utility programs like this one which can transform data from one format to another for use in Quicken.)
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  • odysseus
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    @jacobs I fail to see why Quicken shouldn't be able to import the more general csv format rather than just the Mint variant.

    Third-party utility programs like the one you mention are actually quite expensive, being designed for accountants. This is a legitimate request IMHO.
  • jacobs
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    Their business model, at least while they were part of Intuit, depended on revenue from financial institutions paying for connectivity to Quicken. CSV disrupts their revenue (as well as creates support headaches by people who get fields mapped wrong.) I suspect the did the Mint import because it was a way of gaining customers, and thus revenue.

    Some of the third party apps aren’t too expensive, and they aren’t built for accountants. They all spoof legitimate financial institutions’ codes to make imports work, so Quicken doesn’t support any of them. In short, they want people to use the program the way it’s designed to work, irrespective that it sometimes doesn’t work.
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