Consolidate Multiple Quicken Accounts (Q Mac)

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I have multiple standalone Quicken accounts which I would like to have an option to consolidate information for reporting purposes. As an example, I have 1 account for personal expenses and 2 others for businesses that I need to track separately for tax/personal purposes.
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    @jimbean2 Before diving into this, could you clarify what you're referring to as an "account"? In Quicken, accounts appear in the left sidebar, where you might have checking, savings, credit card, investment and other types of accounts. Reports by default will include all accounts, but can be customized to be limited to one or selected accounts. Some users with businesses maintain multiple Quicken data files to keep their business and personal data separate. Are you referring to the former (how to do reports encompassing multiple accounts in a single Quicken data file) or the latter (how to do reports encompassing accounts in multiple data files)?
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