Bill Pay with Wells Fargo: Register date not matching transaction log due date. Why?

This is the second time this has occurred. I had entered a payment to be made from WF checking on 9/13 - the date I entered into the Online Center payment screen. After sending to WF, this is/was the date in my Quicken account register for payment. However, when the payment was not made as of today, WF told me the payment was pending for 9/19. When I looked at the OFXLOG transaction for this payment (entered 8/26), the due date transmitted to WF was 9/19 NOT 9/13!

As I said, this is the second time this has occurred. In December 2021, I had another payment I entered to be paid on 12/10 (and it showed that way in my Quicken WF register) but the Log file showed that the transaction due date told to WF was 12/13. I know I would never had entered the 13th as the pay by date was the 10th and I was paying a big balance off 100% to avoid interest.

Is there any log of the payments entered in Quicken? It seems that it used to be that you could look back a bit from the Online Center Payments window but now they disappear after the payment date. This is another reason I know that Quicken thought it was supposed to be 9/13 as that transaction is no longer in the Online Center Payments window where it would have been if it thought 9/19 was the date it was supposed to be paid.

Any ideas?