Return Year to Date-Portfolio Register

Last week I posted a new discussion The Discussion Title was::  

Re-Invested dividends--Income/Expense by Category Reports

That did not turn out well and got off the topic that I was trying to troubleshoot.  Well, today I found my answer and would like to share it with anyone interested.
My portfolio register value decreased $160,963 from 1/1/22 to 9/18/2022.
My Return Year to Date in the portfolio register shows a loss of $105,525.  
The Income/Expense by Category report YTD previously had brokerage interest and dividend income checked off.  I unchecked these two and my income vs. expenses show a negative $55,438.   When I subtract $55,438 from the $160,963 that gives me my Return Year to Date loss of $105,525.  This now agrees with my portfolio register.
I should have never included brokerage interest and dividend income in my report.  The brokerage accounts for this in their market values and performance reports.

I also compared my Return year to date losses with each on line brokerage account and they were all in agreement.