Support double-trigger RSU grants / allow manually adding RSU vesting transactions

The new Quicken support for RSU grants seems like it would be workable for common types of RSU grants from publicly-traded companies. However, for private pre-IPO companies, it's common to grant what is known as a "double-trigger" RSU, described here:

In summary, a double-triggered RSU share does not vest until BOTH conditions are satisfied:
1. A time vesting component, similar to the time vesting currently supported by Quicken.
2. A "performance" vesting component, essentially stating that the share cannot vest until some liquidity-based event occurs, like an acquisition or an IPO.

Double-trigger RSUs exist so that employees are not forced to pay income tax on vested stock that isn't liquid.

After playing around with the new "RSU Grant" transaction type, I wasn't able to figure out how to get this working cleanly in Quicken:
1. There isn't an option to specify that the RSU grant is double-triggered. Neither is there an alternative ability to leave the time-vesting parts blank (e.g. so I can manually add "RSU Vest" transactions at a later time). I am forced to create a series of recurring time-based "RSU Vest" transactions, none of which are actually valid or meaningful because the RSU has not actually vested yet since it is not yet liquid.
2. I was able to go ahead and delete the "RSU Vest" transactions that I was forced to create. I thought maybe I could have an option of manually adding "RSU Vest" transactions later whenever some vesting actually occurs. But this brings me to the next problem:
3. When I try to add an "RSU Vest" transaction, I am forced to pick a "Vesting Event" from a drop-down list. If the event I need is not in the list, then it appears I am out of luck as I was not able to find a way to edit this list.

If Quicken could add support for at least some of these ideas, I think it could unblock me:
1. Allow me to edit the list of "Vesting Events" shown in the "RSU Vest" drop-down list.
For example, the "Security Detail View" for the RSU shows "Future vesting" under "My Holdings", making me think that this list is stored as part of the RSU security. But I was not able to find any way to modify this from the security details, nor from the saved RSU grant transaction (which turns into a normal "Add" transaction for some reason).
2. Don't force me to create time-based vesting transactions when entering an RSU grant. Let me add them later on my own.

Adding support like a new "double-trigger" checkbox to the "RSU Grant" might be the "fanciest" solution, but I actually think it would still be too prescriptive. Probably many RSU grants have different types of vesting conditions, and Quicken should allow maximum flexibility in manually editing the vesting transactions associated with an RSU. As it stands right now, Quicken is automating and assuming too much, and only seems to really support one or a few very particular types of vesting conditions as a result. The most flexible solution, I think, is to allow users to enter RSU vesting events as they occur, without making assumptions about future vesting events.
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  • plastable
    plastable Member ✭✭
    I agree. It is surprising that Quicken designers didn't think this feature through more carefully before adding it. DIsappointing.