Unable to download transactions from Merrill Lynch via Direct Connect using latest Mac version

msmensik Member ✭✭
I have been happily using Quicken for Mac for years, downloading checking and brokerage transactions via Direct Connect without any problem. However, Merrill Lynch apparently no longer supports use of Direct Connect for the new version of Quicken for Mac (v6.9); you can only connect and download via Quicken Connect. The problem is that Quicken Connect only allows "simple" downloads, which excludes all the detailed information needed to make Quicken useful! Not much useful help from Quicken help desk - "call Merrill Lynch help desk," and ... well, no longer a happy user. Anyone have any suggestions? Work-around? It appears that Merrill Lynch "grandfathered" Direct Connect for prior versions of Quicken for Mac, but won't be accommodating new versions, so Merrill Lynch customers will apparently be saddled with older Quicken versions. Hopefully I'm wrong. Thx.