Bill Reminders Broken

I have MANUAL bill reminders set up. In the last month or so, when I accept downloaded transactions from my bank, it automatically accepts all my bill reminders up until today's date. There is no linking of any kind, or any rhyme or reason, as to why it would skip these manual bill reminders. The downloaded transaction amounts do not match, and I did not create bill reminders based off of previously downloaded transactions. When I try to reset the recurrence on some bills (not all) back to dates that were skipped, I receive the following error:

"You cannot create a reminder for a date before your most recent payment. Please enter a later date."

What recent payment is it talking about? How do I turn this setting off? Quicken has never automatically skipped my manual reminders before. I want to be able to manually skip my manual bill reminders myself. I don't want Quicken doing it for me automatically, because it is ALWAYS wrong.