What happened to Quicken Budget - several issues ?

These are notes just for the Budget section. The only section I use, as I'm sure many others who just want to run their lives using a simple budget tool.

1) Can't create a new month starting point without starting from scratch. The old Quick could! This is very annoying because most of us just want to see the next 12 months. Now, we can't. And if we add the data for the past months, the 'to date' is using future data and displaying it as current data. Horrible design. Seriously. The 'to date' column is annoying and is not needed. At least put an option to remove it because it doesn't apply to people that want to see 12 months of data.

2) When the month ends the program auto deletes the prior month, some us don't want that. We want to forward and enter numbers manual for control. At least put in a option to remove the auto deleted, if I can't make it to my computer on the last day of the month, my budget is going to get screwed up! What a horrible design. 'Roll over' doesn't apply to all data, sometimes we have a certain number one month, and different the next and the auto roll over just jams them together so now we don't know what was the original number was before it was added to the new month. Ex: $1429 rolled into $872 = $ 2,301. But all I see now is $2301 and I don't know what the numbers were for last month and new month before they were auto combined. What a mess.

3) If you use sub categories, you can't get rid of 'everything else' lame category. Why? Do your clients need to be told what to have and not have? 'must use 'everything else' or you can't play?

4) The graphics? There are none. Bland text with no options to add fonts. No style, old Q has nice graphics. What happened to red color for expenses and black or blue for cash flow? How about an option? This doesn't take a program master to make these changes.
5) Numbers in the budget are all too far apart to quick glance categories. You can make larger, but not smaller? Who's the genius who did that design? It takes twice as long to scan back and forth, the old Q you can easily read in one glance.

6) This new annual usage fee is a jack. I'm sure you can get away with it for a few years, but new software designers are already making software with one final sale to compete against this new annual fee greedy corporations. Shame on the greed that has infested Quicken.

What happened to your software? Just too lazy and too greedy to fix it right? Personally, if I don't see changes before my year is up, I'm not re buying this software. Not that you care, but you should. I'm sure I'm not the only one that isn't satisfied with all the damage that has been done to your budget software.

At least make an effort and fix a few of things on this list. I know others have complained with similar gripes.

I just bought this annual software, and in just a day, was completely let down and can't figure out why the older versions of Q are so much better than this sterile and non functioning version?