ONGOING 9/27/22 Chase - Account Type showing as Brokerage when it's Checking/Savings

We have identified an issue when migrating where Chase account types show as Brokerage account types when they are not. Although the account type may show brokerage, once the add has been completed, the account type should show as the correct account type. A second add account attempt will also reflect the accurate account type. This is a known issue, we have only seen this in Windows. We have teams looking into this issue, and working toward a resolution, although we do not have an ETA regarding when this will become available. 

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Quicken Jared 

(Ticket #: 9725124, CTP-4497)


  • Quicken Jared
    Quicken Jared Moderator mod

    ONGOING 9/27/22

    We are sorry but this issue continues to be ongoing. We are working toward a resolution, but we do not have an ETA regarding when this will become available, at this time. Thank you for your patience, and we do apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

    Thank you,

    -Quicken Jared