New feature request: Need method to create Accountant [CPA] Quickbooks-compatible Export file

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I use quicken for my business bill pay. My accountant would like a quickbooks compatible file.  Quicken does not currently have a method of export that is nicely compatible for my accountant.  Please add this feature.  Thanks
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  • jacobs
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    @Greydog9928 I've got nothing against this feature request, but I wanted to give you my opinion that such a feature is probably unlikely, or at best, low on the priority list. Most people who would want a Quicken Mac-to-Quickbooks export would be those wanting to leave Quicken behind and switch to Quickbooks for their business accounting, and it's clearly not compelling for Quicken to develop an export to assist people who are no longer going to be customers. ;) And the number of users who use Quicken for business work and want to export to Quickbooks for an accountant is probably quite small. I think there are dozens, even hundreds, of other features the developers would assess as impactful for more users and tackle them before this — so even if they eventually add this, I'd guess it will be years in the future with so many other pressing feature needs.

    So that said, I'm wondering why an export of your transaction registers to a CSV file isn't something which can be tweaked in Excel and imported into Quickbooks? I'm not familiar enough with Quickbooks' import format, but I would guess it does import CSV or Excel files. Assuming you're not dealing with investment transactions for your business, regular banking (checking, credit card, receivables, etc.) registers are easy to export. The one area of complexity is transfer transactions, where money is flowing from one account to another; that might need to be messaged to be properly represented in Quickbooks. But my suggestion, if you want help with this sooner rather than later, is to find out from your accountant or a QuickBooks expert how to structure you transaction data in CSV/Excel format for import into QuickBooks.
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    I use quicken for the payment/outgoing part of my business only.  I have separate collection software that is very specific to my practice.  Honestly, the reporting, tags, etc in quicken Mac is very good at this point and is poor in quickbooks for Mac.  Quickbooks online in general is not up to snuff compared to desktop software for both Mac and PC.  Hardest issue to rectify is correlating expense accounts, fixed asset expenses, etc that tend to be used in all professional accounting software