Credit Cards changed to Express Web Connect

I finally got the Chase cards to work properly with EWC+. Today updated Quicken to 43.32/ Later when I went to make a payment to Barclays I got a message...

Important Date Information from Wells Fargo Bank
The processing date you entered, 10/13/2022, is the earliest possible date funds will be withdrawn from your account and payment processing will begin.
Make sure you have allowed sufficient time for this payment to be delivered.
---Record Check--- ---Cancel---

Will Wells Fargo still send electronic payment or have they changed to mailing paper checks? Very confused.

Also, I thought Barclays and Citi were Direct Connect, but they both appear as Express Web Connect (same Wells Fargo message when sending a Citi payment later). And Bank of America and Chase accounts all show (Improve Connection) even though Chase accounts were just changed to EWC+.