Add upcoming bills & income to Quicken Mac Dashboard (+1 Merged)

Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

One thing I use on the Overview tab is the Upcoming Bills & Income list. If the Overview tab is getting replaced with the Dashboard, then the Dashboard needs a pane for that.

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The Mac team is investigating the possibility of implementing this change. QMAC-18902


  • I agree! I'd also love to see a budget summary added (since this is also something on the current Overview tab).
  • Andre Zilio
    Andre Zilio Member ✭✭
    Agree! In the meantime, the current Overview dashboard should be kept available.
  • RubyP
    RubyP Member ✭✭
    100%! That's what I look for the most in the home/overview tab! If that goes away, i will be very annoyed!
  • ragush
    ragush Member ✭✭
    Upcoming Bills and Income and Budget need to be cards in the Dashboard to be useful for me. So I'm back to the Overview.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The reason the Overview screen remains present in version 6.10 is that the Dashboard cards don't yet incorporate all the features from the Overview screen. I believe they are just letting users know that in the future — once more features are added to the Dashboard page — the Overview page will go away. I wouldn't expect them to make the Overview page disappear until they have added those additional capabilities.
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  • afyfe
    afyfe Member
    Not having the Upcoming Bills & Income section on the dashboard BEFORE Quicken gets rid of the overview screen would be a deal breaker for me.
  • This information is currently on the Overview tab of the Home screen - it needs to be migrated to the new dashboard PRIOR to deleting it. It is very useful information that many of us track in an ongoing manner to manage our finances!
  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited November 2022
    DocGer said:
    The information is currently there, in another I've already indicated.

    Everything that's on the Overview screen is available somewhere else. The reason for screens like the Overview & Dashboard is to pull together the things people are most likely to check every time they run the app and put them in one place, and to not have to go to a bunch of different places in the app to get that info. When people say what they want to see on the dashboard and you reply that it's available somewhere else, you're missing the point.

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  • > @DocGer said:
    > > @"JMB in Denver" said:
    > > This information is currently on the Overview tab of the Home screen - it needs to be migrated to the new dashboard PRIOR to deleting it. It is very useful information that many of us track in an ongoing manner to manage our finances!
    > The information is currently there, in another I've already indicated. Please read my post above yours.

    Thanks DocGer, but you don't seem to understand the utility of having a dashboard. 'Dash', as in 'fast', to see desired data without having to go elsewhere to find it.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I think the point is that the Dashboard we see in version 6.10 is only a first iteration of the Dashboard. They put the notice on the Overview screen to alert users that it would be going away in the future in order to get everyone to take a look at the new Dashboard. If they weren't planning on adding new features to the Dashboard, they would have just removed the Overview screen and told people the Dashboard replaced it. But they didn't. They clearly have plans for more iterations of the Dashboard with more features. It is Quicken Mac development team's standard approach to release a feature which is functional enough to use but doesn't yet include all the bells and whistles; that gets people to try it and give feedback on what it needs, so the developers see if their intuition and plans align with user feedback.

    I don't think there's any reason for concern at this point. This thread and others tell them that if they were thinking of removing the Overview screen and not adding Upcoming Bills & Income to the Dashboard screen, people will be upset. The product manager has said they have plans to add more cards and more customizability to the Dashboard in future releases. 

    I've never been much of a user of the Overview screen, but to DocGer's point, I'm not sure whether the Overview screen's Upcoming Bills & Income section provides meaningfully more information than a single click to get to Bills & Income page (except that Bills and Income are in separate tabs in the latter). Those who use those two screens may have a clearer distinction of what they look for on one versus the other. But if they are largely identical, then it's less likely for them to duplicate it in two places. Overall, I think the developers' philosophy of the Home Dashboard (similar to the Investing Dashboard) is to provide quick looks at some of your financial data at a glance; some cards allow taking quick actions (such as categorizing uncategorized transactions) and others give a summary or highlight recent transactions so that you can determine if you want to use other parts of the program (reports, Portfolio, Bills & Income, etc.) to dig deeper on any of it.
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  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    DocGer said:
    And if you want to see what bills and income are due when you open Quicken Mac, make sure that the Bills and Income page is open when you exit Quicken Mac. When you re-start Quicken Mac, whichever screens you have open will re-open to that.
    And then that's the only thing you see when you start up Quicken. If you also want to see uncategorized transactions? and your current spending for the month? and how you're doing on your budget? Clickity, click, click, click....

    Or you can have an Overview or Dashboard that shows you all that stuff at once, no clicking.

    You continue to miss the point.

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  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I made a suggestion specifically about Bills & Income because that's the one thing missing from the Dashboard that *I* want added. It doesn't mean I don't use what's already on it. And other people have suggested other things they'd like to see added to it & I'm not going to ignore that, even if they are additions I'm not personally interested in.

    And, like you, I like the Dashboard better than the Overview and for some of the same reasons, so I'm puzzled that your answer to this suggestion boils down to "Don't use the Dashboard". 

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  • JoeyMaggard
    JoeyMaggard Member ✭✭✭
    For me, the Upcoming bills & Income is the most useful way to see the coming week all in one place. Also, if you click on a one it takes you to the proper register. Bills & Income doesn't do that. It's a very simple way to look at a snapshot and click to take you to the detailed view. Everybody uses Quicken differently. I hope that the powers that be don't take away the way I use it. 
  • Wayne Dibble
    Wayne Dibble Member ✭✭
    The uncategorized transaction and Top spending payee windows are a waste of space. Bills & income, budget, portfolio or better yet a customizable space would be great. Is the overview going away? or will it remain available? I saw a message about overview being replaced by the Dashboard?
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The uncategorized transaction and Top spending payee windows are a waste of space.
    @Wayne Dibble So tell us what you really think!  :D  Look, the reality is that we all use Quicken differently, and find different things useful or not useful as a result. I personally like the Uncategorized transactions card, because it gives me a quick check on errors I may have made in (not) categorizing transactions. It's not mission critical, but it's quick and easy reminder when I'm on that screen. For me, Recent Transactions is not really useful, as I enter or edit all my transactions and always know what's been added recently. But I can see how it could be useful for people with a lot of accounts and/or a lot of transactions, or infrequent users, all of whom might be helped by seeing all recent transactions in one spot. 

    I think the Home > Dashboard will evolve over time into a screen people will use differently. I do expect Bills & Income will migrate from the old Overview page to a card on this page in one of the releases this year. Budget, I don't know, only because they seem stalled on making budget enhancements without revamping that section of the program. As for Portfolio, what would you want to see here that you can't already see on the Investing > Dashboard page? I see no need to duplicate all those cards to the Home > Dashboard screen. I hope that as they add more cards on the Home > Dashboard screen, they will make it more user-customizable, so people can hid cards they don't find useful, enlarge cards they want to give more space to, etc. I'd expect to see them continue to tweak and add to this new feature over the course of several releases.

    Is Overview going away? Yes, that's what the pop-up message informs us. That page was built on the old technology for the Quicken Mac predecessor program, Quicken Essentials, more than a decade ago. But it seems they won't take it away until they've got all or most of the key things from the Overview page moved over in some way to the Dashboard page. I think upcoming bills is one of the key things which will need to be built into the Dashboard before the Overview goes away.
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  • IAHawk
    IAHawk Member ✭✭✭
    Having the ability to select/deselect the accounts used in the I & E panel that works would be nice. I tried to deselect my investment accounts, but the change didn't take.
  • Waldo
    Waldo Member

    I agree. Please don't eliminate the Overview tab until "Upcoming Bills & Income" has be sucessfully migrated to the Dashboard tab.

    It would also be nice to be able to hide windows on the Dashboard tab, so we only see the windows we actually want to see.

  • chucksav
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    Upcoming Bills & Income is the first thing I look at when I first open Quicken every day. Having an "Upcoming Bills & Income" pane would greatly enhance the utility of the Dashboard.
  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @chucksav,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your request.

    Your idea has been merged into this already active Idea thread regarding the same request.

    Thank you!

    -Quicken Anja