Quicken REPORT Limitations and Enhanced Flexibility Ideas

1) Revise current 250 column REPORT limit upward, such as Excel’s 16384 columns

2) Provide an option to re-orient the REPORT structure so that columns and rows can be inverted from the current standard. For example, rather than having Time (Dates) across the top row, and various accounts or categories as successive rows below out, a more natural option for Excel users, and many other external analysis tools would be to have Time (Dates) as the First Column, and all other Data (Categories, Accounts, etc.) as corresponding additional columns to the right.

Discussion - The REPORT feature in Quicken has always been very valuable and much appreciated. However, for users who really need to do in depth data analysis over an extended time period, the current structure and size limitations can be a serious impediment to effective offline analysis. Executing the REPORT over successive time ranges to “beat” the current 250 column limitation is both very cumbersome, and fraught with issues when trying to assemble the data externally. One issue is that certain accounts or categories may not exist across the discrete time periods, and therefore you cannot simply paste the separate exports together.
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  • mQL
    mQL Member
    For me revising the current 250 column REPORT limit upward, such as Excel’s 16384 columns would be very helpful. Currently I'm stuck with about 8 months of daily data for Excel analysis or a lot of manual operations as a result of the 250 column limit.
  • pablomiller
    pablomiller Member ✭✭
    This is a painfully obvious shortcoming of current Quicken Reports