Matching Online Balance to Cleared & Reconciled balance

It would be nice to be able to determine in a QUIICK which accounts' Online Balances match the corresponding Reconciled+Cleared balances.  To this end, I suggest adding a checkmark to the Accounts Bar (typically on the Left side of the screen) that would appear whenever the Online Balance matches the total of all Reconciled & Cleared transactions for that account.  The checkmark would not appear whenever these balances do not match (or there is no known Online Balance recorded for the account).

The checkmark could go next to the Red Flag indicating that an account has transactions to review.  (The checkmark could even go in the same place as that red flag, with the red flag taking precedence.)  Green might be a nice color for the checkmark.

Then one could quickly scan down the Account Bar to see which accounts don't match the corresponding Online Balance from the last download and so might require attention.

For brokerage accounts that download cash balances to Quicken, that amount could be treated as the Online Balance.) 
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