Unable to share quicken mac data file on shared group folder

cpragman Member ✭✭
My wife and I have been using quicken for over a decade on a mac. I'm familiar with UNIX, POSIX permissions, users and groups, etc. My wife and I are both members of the group "adult" which has read/write permissions to a financials folder we share. For years using Quicken 2007, we were both able to access and update the quicken data file in this shared folder.

Now with Quicken Subscription (currently v 6.10.2) placing the quicken data file in a shared folder no longer allows the file to be shared. Using chmod and chgrp to make sure the data file (including it's subfolders) are owned by the same group on the mac, and have group read/write permissions set still doesn't allow the file to be shared.

The only solution I've found that allows the file to be shared is to locate it on an external disk with the "ignore ownership on this volume" checked. This is not an optimal solution.

Please update Quicken to respect normal POSIX permissions, so the file can be shared between mac users using normal shared folders provided by the OS.
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  • ashaw953
    ashaw953 Member
    Was unhappily surprised to run into this situation myself. This is definitely a problem that should be fixed.
  • kohster
    kohster Member ✭✭
    Agreed trying to work through this issue myself. This might be a deal breaker for Quicken for us...
  • cpragman
    cpragman Member ✭✭

    still no change. No response from quicken.

  • kohster
    kohster Member ✭✭
    I figured out a workaround at least, but it's not friendly at all. I moved the Quicken file out of my home directory to a new folder /Users/Shared/Quicken/, then I do a Get Info on that enclosing folder. Click the padlock to authenticate to make changes, then add read/write permissions for everyone, then apply those permissions to all enclosed items. Then the second user can log in and open the file no problem. Then after quitting Quicken, that second person has to get info on the enclosing folder and do the same operation again, or the first user won't be able to open the file. I haven't dug deep down into the contents of the Quicken data file package itself to see what's getting changed from a permissions level, especially since I can never remember the Terminal command to see the extended ACL attributes on a file.
  • kohster
    kohster Member ✭✭
    or alternatively each user can do the Get Info/Apply permissions to all enclosing items before opening the file. Either way. Just a question of how annoyed you want the next user to be. :)