Don't print checks back to back!

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When printing checks, I often see the print dialog box open with back to back printing selected because that is the way I printed last (from a different app). However, I don't think printing checks back to back is ever appropriate. Could you not have this option cleared every time the app opens the check printing dialog box?
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  • jacobs
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    I suspect the print dialog box settings are controlled by macOS, not Quicken. (But it's a reasonable request if it's possible for the code in Quicken to control it.)
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  • I do believe that it's possible as a parameter passed to the print routine (wouldn't swear to it though). Don't even remember where I got that.
  • Jon
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    Yes, it's possible for a Mac program to control whether duplex is selected or not.

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  • UKR
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    OK, I know the following video dates back to Q Mac 2015, but it's the only one I know of on this subject
    In this video at around 1:50 minutes into the video there are instructions on how to print checks.
    There's mention of Print Presets which, I'm guessing, one could use to make a check printing specific preset with the desired print options like duplex off (aka simplex, one-sided).
    Theoretically, when printing checks from now on, all one had to do was select the check printing preset.

  • jacobs
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    I think that's actually a great idea, @UKR

    In any program — it could be Quicken for a report, or Preview or TextEdit or Safari, select Print and in the Print dialog box, pull down the menu where it's showing the current program name to see the various printer settings and options. Every printer is different, but look for one like Layout where there is an option for two-sided printing where you can select long-edge or short-edge binding. Set two-sided to Off, and then pull down the Presets menu at the top of the Print dialog box to select Save Current Settings as Preset. Give this preset a name like "One-sided printing" or "Checks" and save it. Then when you go to print checks in Quicken, select this preset in the Print dialog box. That should result in one-sided printing. 
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