No Longer the RELIABLE product it once was

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I am sick and tired of a company that started with a reputable, sound product and yes it needed some minor tweaking but only minor tweaking to keep it simple, easy to use, and most importantly Reliable. [Removed- Rant/Speculation]. 


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    @skip I don't know if you're talking about Quicken Windows or Quicken Mac, nor what issues you're referring to as complicating and destabilizing it. I do know that one person's "moronic update" is someone else's "finally! I've been waiting for this for so long!"

    It's undeniable that keeping up with the faster pace of changes by financial institutions is causing Quicken and its users more and more frequent problems than in the past, but I don't think the fault for that falls at the feet of Quicken developers or management.
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    skip and many other users are likely referring to not getting downloads from banks like Chase and Citibank that we use to get for 10+ years without many issues. I have not been able to download from either of these banks for over a month now. I use the Windows version.

    How many programmers are working on this issue? [Removed- Rant/Speculation].

    Entering manually defeats the benefit of having Quicken.
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    @kopavi, what makes you so sure that the problem is on the Quicken end and not the financial institution?
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