Fidelity Netbenefit 401K showing double the value [edited]

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My fidelity netbenefit 401k account is showing double the value of the account. Seems to be a lot of previous posts on this with Quicken saying it is a Fidelity issue and then the discussion is closed. I have set account for showing simple-Positions only. Not sure if Quicken is working with Fidelity to rectify if Fidelity data issue or does quicken expect us to call Fidelity. I chatted with a representative from Fidelity and they indicate it must be a Quicken issue and nothing they can do. We have two companies pointing at the other. I cannot initiate a conversation between the two of them. All I know is I cannot use Quicken for my investment monitoring. Can anyone at least tell me if Quicken is aware of the issue and trying to work with Fidelity?


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    I see reports of this issue going back to January, for example here

    but no acknowledgement from Quicken.

    Forum Moderators sometimes review issues discussed here and refer them to Development, but if you want Quicken to work on a problem, I recommend you contact Support via phone.  Be sure the support agent understands the problem and gives you a ticket number for future reference.

    You should also use the Help > Report a Problem menu in Quicken to submit the issue online. In your submission, be as clear and thorough as possible. Reference the ticket number and provide a link to this discussion. Provide step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. You will not get a response to an electronic submission, but they say they review and prioritize the submissions. 

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    Thanks - I also see this issue.
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    Having the same issue. Spent months with Fidelity going back and forth and finally they said it's on the Quicken side and directed me to specific person at Quicken who has not called or emailed me back.
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    Is your Fidelity account in Quicken set to Simple investing mode, so that when you go to the account you see a dashboard rather than a list of transactions? 

    If so you should be able to work around this issue by clicking on the gear at the top right of the account, picking Edit account details, and selecting "Complete - Positions and transactions". You may have to adjust the cash balance to get things in sync.
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    @Jim_Harman, It is in Simple Investing. I was trying to avoid a work around. What's the point of Simple Positions otherwise?!?!
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    This appears to be a months-old bug between Quicken and Fidelity and each is pointing at the other. Have you contacted Quicken Support and submitted a report via Help > Report a problem as described above? When you are talking to Quicken Support, be sure to provide the name of the person Fidelity said to contact. Maybe you will get lucky and they will connect you!

    The more people who report issues like this, the more likely it is that they will get fixed. Please let us know how it goes.
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    @sNashville what's your zip code?  I'm in 37215
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    I have reported this and had a chat about it. was told these issues exists and IT will not respond to just report it
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