Ability to copy and paste column settings for accounts

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I would like the ability to copy the column settings from one account and paste them to another account. 

I have a very particular set of columns I like for my accounts, and every time I add a new account, I have to set them all manually by clicking back and forth from an established account. Not the end of the world, but seems like such a simple and useful thing to implement. 

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To set the default columns, click on the Columns icon on the bottom of the register. Select the columns you want to appear in the register. Then scroll down to "Apply to all XXX accounts". Quicken Mac allows you to apply to all of a specific account type (such as all Cash accounts or all Credit Card accounts).


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    In a way, a function to, e.g., "make all 1-line Checking registers like this" already exists.
    The only thing that doesn't exist is to define a column layout default for new accounts.
    But, after creating a new account, you can use this function from another already defined account to copy it over.
    Please go into an account register which already has the column layout you wish to use as a model.
    Click the Register Columns icon. At the lower left of the popup click the "more options" gear icon.
    Click on "make all [account type] registers like this". This will change the layout of all accounts of the same type.
    Selecting a register of a different type of accounts, e.g., 1-or-2-line Savings, credit cards, etc. as the model will only change this type.
    No, sorry, you cannot use the layout of a checking account register to apply to savings account registers.