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In order to track my investment activities, I have used Quicken (for Windows) Home, Business & Rental on a Mac computer for over 10 years. In order to do so, I run Quicken under Parallels in a separate partition with Windows 10 installed there.

My partition for Parallels & Windows is not large enough for the next Windows Operating System to be installed. Therefore, I will be forced to remove the current Parallels partition and create a new, larger one - then reinstall Windows, Parallels and Quicken.

I am wondering whether I can avoid having to reinstall all this software. Does this Quicken for Mac product support tracking investment transactions as I do now under the Windows version? Could I possibly migrate my present Quicken (for Windows) data file to this or some other Quicken for Mac version?

If not, is there some other approach which I might consider?

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    From the way you worded your post, it sounds like you are not using any of the Business or Rental Property features of Quicken for Windows.  If that is correct (those features do not exist in the Mac product), then, yes, you can migrate to Quicken Mac.

    I am running both QMac and QWin on my Monterey iMac Pro, with QWin in a Windows 10 VM under Parallels.  I personally see no need at all to upgrade to Windows 11 ... and so my first question is why you feel that is something you want to do?  Windows 10 will be supported for 3 more years (approx) - security and other updates ending on October 14, 2025.  I'm also not sure why you have a separate partition for Parallels/Windows.  The VM is simply a huge file.   Easy to resize.  No partitions are needed unless you are really running Boot Camp rather than Parallels.

    I have one Quicken file that is really only for investments for a family member and I've been running it in parallels on both QMac and QWin for over a year to evaluate QMac.  My personal Quicken data file has 30+ years of data and tons of accounts and I've kept it on QWin primarily because QMac does not support the kinds of reports I can get from QWin.

    For investments,  QMac seems fine.   Anything that downloads/happens in QWin does the same in QMac...which means that if there was something I had to manually correct in QWin (Schwab not treating a maturing bond as a Sell), I had to make the same correction in QMac.  The interface and speed are wonderful compared to QWin.

    The main limitation is in reporting ... where bonds are shown by their CUSIP numbers and it is not possible to display their names, and where QWin has many options for multi-column reports (tags, date ranges, etc) - QMac has almost none.

    Presumably you are on subscription, so you can install QMac at no extra charge and just try it.  Run your data on both QMac and QWin for at least through your year-end reconciliation and see what you think.

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    Since you have a Quicken subscription, my advice is simply: try it. Your subscription allows you to download Quicken Mac as well as Quicken Windows. You have a Mac. So install Quicken Mac, convert your data, see how well your data converted, and experiment with using it. Since we all use Quicken differently, the best way to see if it's a viable fit for you is to try it yourself.

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