Investing - Stock price “real time update” not working

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This morning (11/11), pre-market open (currently 8:50am Eastern), I clicked the Update button on the Investment tab. I had done the same last night (at the latest, approximately 10pm) and had updated prices for my holdings, several of which I confirmed with an external source (Yahoo Finance) to be accurate since earlier in the evening I was not getting the same value from Quicken for share price as was shown on Yahoo.

Two things appeared to be out-of-order after Updating prices this morning:
1. Some securities have a change in value for today, 11/11, at 8:50am, even though the market is not yet open.
2. Some securities have a price change in the historical record for Wednesday, 11/9

For example, take BILL (screenshot attached).

For #1: Quicken says that for 11/11, there's a new price of 120.85. This appears to align with a current pre-market price, but I wasn't expecting Quicken to load that and have not noticed that previously. This is occurring with 6 out of 8 tickers that I track in Quicken. I have the 'Real-time quotes' preference selected if that matters.

For #2: Quicken now says that for 11/9, the closing price was 120.14. This was the closing price on 11/10, as shown in Quicken. However the closing price on 11/9 was 99.36, as seen here: Prior to clicking Update this morning, Quicken had the correct value. Other Tickers show the same duplication/incorrect stock price.

I'll also note that the 11/9 High/Low values are obviously incorrect, and the Volume values for 11/9, 11/10, and 11/11 are incorrect.


  • bkinva
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    And now when updating stock quotes post-market close, prices get screwy again. For example, see the attached screenshot: BILL now has an incorrect closing price on 11/10 of 125.38, when that was its closing price today, 11/11. Again with 0's for the high/low on 11/10 and an incorrect volume for 11/11 as well. And this is not just BILL, but most of the equity holdings I track in Quicken; just using BILL as an example.

    What's going on with the stock quote downloads?
  • I have the same problem
  • Brian295
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    Similar issue for 11/11, option prices did not load.
  • claudiaregan
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    Similar issue. Does not download daily closing price for individual stocks. This happened after the most recent software update.
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    I am not having that type of trouble (that I have detected), but I am also not using real-time quotes.  I suspect that is the source of the trouble.  
  • bkinva
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    It does appear this is at least partially related to enabling Real-Time Quotes.

    This morning (approx 7:50am Eastern time), I ran the "Update Quotes" process on the Investing Tab with RTQ disabled, and everything reported a 0 change from yesterday. I enabled RTQ, ran it again, and am now seeing several quotes that show changes for today that resemble the current pre-market quotes listed on Yahoo Finance. Additionally, High/Low and Volume values are incorrect for today (obviously) and yesterday.

    If I disable RTQ again and re-run the Update Quotes process, nothing seems to change, though. All the incorrect values are still there.
  • stan12
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    A message appears that there is an issue with downloading stock prices and to try again in 10 minutes. I've been getting the same message for three days.