AGAIN Duplicate bills in Bills & Income window

I wrote about this a while back, but that discussion has been closed again. So:

Some of my credit card bills had been showing up as duplicate entries in the B&I window. Only some. Others are listed only once, which would be expected.

In a response to my original post, someone named "jacobs" stated emphatically that storing my file on Dropbox, which I am, was causing the problem. And he gently but firmly excoriated me for using Dropbox and blaming Quicken for this issue.  I never, ever believed this and maintained that the fault was within Quicken, and they should embrace the use of cloud services rather than blame it for the deficiencies within the application.  Others chimed in supporting that viewpoint, stating they had the same issues and they were NOT on Dropbox.  Hmm.

Well, in one of the recent updates from Quicken, the problem has been resolved.  I edited one of the "double" transactions today, setting up a CC payment, and when I saved it, the transaction showed up just once in the Bill Pay window, as espected.

This was clearly a bug Quicken, and it had been ongoing since v5.x.  So there.  Nice work Quicken!
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