Schwab transactions duplicated - different by a penny

I have seen schwab transactions downloaded over the last 6 months with some of the transactions being duplicated because the amount is different by $0.01 than the prior transaction. I have to go look for the transaction that is in error by 1 cent to manually delete it when this happens. Any suggestions?


  • rhone
    rhone Member ✭✭
    No suggestion. I sent an email to Quicken support about three weeks ago and no longer have that issue. I figured it had been corrected in an update, perhaps that is a bad assumption. However, now my option transactions, both short sales and cover short sales, reflect only the commission and fees. I need to manually enter the the number of contracts and price.
  • DRHayes
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    edited November 20
    Rhone: That is the other issue I am having. This is a Schwab account I am having these issues with. Is your issue with Schwab or another or multiple brokers? I posted that issue just before posting about this issue.
  • Rob
    Rob Member ✭✭
    I am having the same issues with my Schwab accounts. The issue with duplicate transactions off by .01 has been happening for months. The issue with the option trades missing share data just started in early November. This morning my Quicken H&B software updated to version 45.13 and it states it fixes issues with EWC (Express Web Connect) accounts not downloading transactions. Hopefully, this fixes both issues but I suspect it will only fix the 2nd issue and we will still have duplicate transactions to deal with.
  • Rob
    Rob Member ✭✭
    Downloaded trades from yesterday and the share quantities for my options trades are still blank. So hotfix 45.13 did not fix this!