Prevent Entries in Parent Categories

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The whole idea of subcategories is to give greater detail for the parent category. This being done once a category becomes a "Parent" category the user (and Quicken) should NOT BE ALLOWED to enter any transaction into the Parent category.  Currently this is not the case and if a transaction is put into a parent category the budget is no longer accurate.

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    There was a similar idea a while back. The discussion went pretty far before the idea was scrapped. 
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  • Snowman
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    Searched for this but the search turned up nothing. I just read the discussion. It was made out to be more complicated than it really is.  IF implemented the program would go through all memorized transactions, find those pointing to a Parent Category and then give the user the ability to update it so that the memorized transaction no longer points to the Parent Category. The parent category is then locked and all future transactions (memorized or not) can only be put into a sub category or a new subcategory can be added if needed.