Quicken is SO buggy. Please focus on finding and fixing bugs. PLEASE.

Quicken is getting buggier and buggier. Please stop releasing new features and focus on finding and fixing existing bugs. MAKE EXISTING THINGS WORK. And no I can't take the time to post and track each and every bug to the community with all the info. I've been using Quicken for Windows since 1995 and the past year plus - it has been getting buggier and buggier. And these are SIMPLE things - nothing complicated - just basic every day functionality is working POORLY. Off the top of my head, here are a list of bugs I've experienced in the past few days.
(BTW Windows 11 is up-to-date, Quicken is up-to-date, my data file is just fine, etc).
Quicken Find and other windows --
- Sometimes Find just come up "blank". Nothing I can do but quit out of quicken and restart to resolve this. True with other windows also, but Find happened this morning.
CONNECT (One Step Update)--
- TIAA BANK simply stopped working. Well - for MY account(s) but not for my daughter's accounts (which I also track in Quicken). I called Quicken for this one. They said it was a problem on the bank's side. Fair response after a long and good support call. Called TIAA Bank and they said "We don't support Connect with Quicken". Maybe in Q3. Oh wow then. Never mind it had been working fine (for years) and is still working for my daughter's account, now in Q4. I'm not so sure this isn't ultimately a Quicken problem, given all the other issues.
- Fidelity accounts - update works great for my husbands accounts and therefore, thankfully, joint accounts. for my accounts - just says "An error has occurred". I'm loathe to call after how much time the TIAA BANK issue took - with no positive resolution. I'm just living with the issue for now.
- Often - I generate a report and then want to export it to Excel - except the Windows Explorer-style "save a file" window is incomplete. It omits the ability for me to name a file (anything) or save it. Nothing I can do but quit out of quicken and restart to resolve this. Annoying after having gone through all the report customization, etc and I just can't save the file. Happens about 25-50% of the time.
- Regularly - after downloading transactions (usually from credit cards but sometimes bank transactions) - quicken just won't save the next (often last) transaction. Hitting "enter" (to save the transaction) or "save" results in... nothing. The transaction can not be saved. Nothing I can do but quit out of quicken and restart to resolve this.
- Quicken almost always says there is an update available even when there isn't. I click the button - and - guess what? - I'm already up to date. I simply rely on Quicken updating whenever I have to "quit out of quicken and restart" to resolve issues. Which is usually every time I use Quicken (every few days). So.
- Well this has been broken for a LONG time. Quicken can no longer accurately "understand" how to reconcile an account if there are pending transactions, on the bank side, that aren't/ can't be downloaded, on the quicken side. This is true for Truist as well as the working TIAA BANK account. I work around this by only reconciling the account when there are no pending transactions.

signed - a VERY frustrated and long-time Quicken user.