Quicken and Fidelity Rewards card

Any update on inability for Quicken to connect with Fidelity Rewards card. It has been several days and my charges are getting very behind.


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    Here is the alert on this that you can follow: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7924231/new-11-21-22-fdp-101-error-for-fidelity-rewards-credit-card/p1?new=1  Any updates from Quicken will be posted there.

    In the mean time, a couple of options to keep your Quicken file up to date:

    1. Manually enter your charges into your Quicken file. Once the issue if fixed, newly downloaded charges will match to the manually entered ones.

    2. Download the missing transactions from the Fidelity Rewards Visa (FRV) website in Quicken (QFX) format and import these into your file. FRV does not show as having Web Connect available, but there is an easy workaround for this. Let me know if you need help with that.
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  • dnpatr
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    I hope Quicken will consider compensating those of us impacted by the Fidelity Rewards card problem. Having it down for over a week is an inconvenience and as my renewal is due in a matter of weeks, I am considering now renewing.
  • dnpatr
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    Not renewing
  • I geniunely don't understand why the fix time can't be estimated. Does Quicken team not have backlogs and release cycles? I always felt like Quicken dev was reasonably mature, based on past performance. But this is concerning.