Report Customization Window Improvements

First, I wanted to say that the reporting has made some great improvements which were long overdue. Here are some small changes that would make the user experience so much easier.


1) Window Size - increase the size of the report customization Window. It is insanely small and most of my account and category names are cut off. There is so much space available in the Window to make the list box larger.

2) Show Selected - Have a toggle so I can see all the selected checkboxes instead of having to scroll through all my categories or accounts looking for boxes that were added. This is especially painful right now due to the small window size.


3) Select by Type - On my reports with transfers I want to select all the Account Type Transfers (e.g. BANK, CREDIT, etc) but none of the income/expenses. Having the ability to filter or select by type would be very helpful.

4) Show New Categories - For all sub-categories the full category path should be showed so that you know what higher level category something is under. For my rental properties I have the same category names, e.g. repairs. When a new property is added I only see the word repairs and I have no idea which higher level category.

5) Excel Export Filename - When exporting to a file the filename should default to the name of the report. Right now it is blank and a user ha to retype the report name.

6) Save Report Folder - When you save a report the "Save In" drop down should default to the current folder of the report. Every change that is made to a report is having to reselect and folder.
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