Quicken will not let me download USAA transactions.

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I cannot download any transactions currently. Whenever I click "One Step Update" the program asks for USAA Access ID and pin then if I enter the information it takes me to the account setup screen where there is nothing to add (because everything is already in Quicken) and if I continue forward it freezes the whole program. When I click cancel instead of entering in the information. It freezes the program. When I try to go and download transactions for an individual account by clicking on the Account > "Downloaded Transactions" > "Update Transactions" it asks me for the USAA Access ID and Pin even if the selected account is another banking institution and then runs into the same freezing issue.
Things I have tried:
Deactivating all USAA related accounts
Uninstalling the program and reinstalling
Validating the file
Super-Validating the file
I tried to do a completely clean installation using QCleanUI but we were unable to find MSIClean.exe anywhere and the official support link that I have found everywhere is now dead (https://www.quicken.com/support/using-qcleanui-uninstall-quicken if you want to try it yourself).

At this point we are not even sure what to try and have no clue what is causing the issue.

We are running a fully updated Quicken on Windows 11


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    Hi @Janamo67,

    Sorry to hear that you are having such problems.  I would suggest that you contact Quicken Support for some hands-on assistance.  Here's the LINK1 to Support, but you'll need to want until Monday, as they are closed for the weekend.

    On your question about QCleanUI - apparently Quicken is not making it available anymore because it is "built-in" to the installation process.  But, you might also want to review this community thread for more information about that - LINK2.


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