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Cannot get Quicken for Windows to download transactions from Merrill. I've seen one other post saying that downloading transactions from them was brutally slow but in my case I cannot even get the connection between Merrill and Quicken initialized. I download from several other banks and brokerages just fine. In my account list it shows Merrill as Yes (Improve Connection) under Transaction Download but when I download transactions there is no attempt at all to connect with Merrill. If I click on the Improve Connection link and step through the dialog boxes to set up DirectConnect at some point I click a next button and either nothing happens or the dialog box disappears with no further response.

Speaking to Merrill is unproductive - just getting the back and forth runaround between Merrill and Quicken. Any suggestions appreciated.


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    I use Quicken for Mac but thought you should known downloading from Merrill has also become a big problem over here too. I wish I had a solution to offer. All I have to offer after many wasted hours is (i) try starting with an older version of Quicken that once actually worked with Merrill accounts, (ii) upgrade that version letting it run for as long as it goes without error message, and (iii) then try downloading Merrill account(s) only again letting computer run as long as it goes without error message. Despite powerful MacPro plus very fast internet connect (Sonic), it took me about 6+ hours but I finally have a current Quicken version able to download Merrill accounts, although it takes about 2+ hours per day to do so. Calling Merrill is, as you say, a waste of time, although I did learn from one support person that “Merrill no longer supports Quicken but old accounts are ‘grandfathered’.” Nor sure exactly what that means except Merrill support desk will connect you to Quicken after going through preliminaries. And regrettably Quicken folks - who have really tried to be helpful - can’t escalate problem after running through their scripts because the problem seems to reside with the Merrill servers per communication log files. In other words, the issue is in what on the Mac side is called “Direct Connect”, which you need to use to get detailed transaction data, and Merrill and Quicken developers seem to have abandoned doing whatever is needed to keep Direct Connect working smoothly on newer versions of Quicken for Mac. Maybe they’ll get around to it someday, but meanwhile I think you just need to get up early, initiate downloads and go out for a long walk or something …
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