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I have been a long time user of Quicken since at least back to 1995.
I would like to pass on a recommendation to program developers.
In essence, it is the addition of an optional column in the front page side bar to indicate which accounts are most in need of being reconciled to indicate just how up to date one's accounts are.
It can be in any one of several forms:
1. The date of last reconcile
2. The addition of a Dot to indicate that the last reconcile is less than 1 month old
3. The addition of a Dot to indicate that the last reconcile is more than 1 month old, or
4. The addition of a number to indicate the number of months since the last reconcile

I like option 3. That keeps the data presentation with a “cleaner” look.

Since I input data manually and have 51 accounts to keep track of, it would be nice to know where I need to place my attention.

Please pass this on.

Robert Lucas
[personal information removed for your protection]
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    IMHO, this sounds like a good idea. I'll ask a Community Moderator to move this discussion into an appropriate Idea category. Ideas are brought to the attention of the programmers for consideration.
    As an alternative, or until the programmers get around to implementing your suggestion in a future version of Quicken, please try this:
    Look in Tools / Account List. There's an optional column, "Last Reconcile Date", which you can use. You may have to enlarge the list view and/or scroll right to see the column. If the column doesn't show, click the Options button to add it to the list view.