How do I UNINSTALL Quicken Starter from my WIN 11 PC? (Does Win 11 matter at all?)

I manage to get to the "Uninstall Button" (There is nada shown for WIN 11; I assume then WIN is WIN?) then when I click on it, I get a bevy of "Techno Babble" I can't decipher. I'm not uninstalling to install to a different version of Quicken; just trying to rid my PC of Quicken (I find that my bank(s) software is MORE than adequate to handle my meager finances!) Thanks!


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    You should be able to RIGHT click on the Q icon in your toolbar and an Uninstall option will be there.

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    On Windows 11 if you right click on the start button, the top menu item is "Installed apps".  Clicking on that will bring up the window for uninstalling programs like Quicken.  You can search for Quicken or just find it in the list and then click ... and select uninstall.

    Note that you should also delete the Quicken folder in your Documents folder which hold your actual data file.
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    You are not likely to get any more help if you just reject people's answers. Did you try their suggestions? What happened? What was the error message? "Techno babble" is not much to go on.
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  • Yes, I do reach the "Uninstall button", However, when I click on it, it hesitates for about 4 secs. and then leaves about a 4 sentence techno weird explanation of WHY it won't uninstall. I'll try to copy it and resend.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    I would suggest using Revo Uninstaller Free Portable version.
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  • JIM, You are Right! My apologies! Here goes what I was sent:
    It started off with: "2aee175.msi" and then,
    Error 1723. There is a problem with the Windows Installer package. A Dll required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action QuickenCustomAction_Uninstall_FirstCheck.Entry.OCA_BeforeUninstallFirstCheck.library:C\ProgramFiles

    End of info. Thanks for attempting to help me!
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