Auto Reconcile: Another account in Quicken has already been set up with these settings.

Patrick T Williams
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I have four Hudson Valley Credit Union accounts, two checking and two savings. When I set auto reconcile for one of the checking accounts and then try to set it for the other checking account I get this message:"Another account in Quicken has already been set up with these settings". Same for the savings accounts. There is no indication from Quicken if the other checking or savings account will be auto reconciled and the auto reconcile setting for those accounts remains unchecked. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • Jared,
    Thank you for your response. However, this is Quicken Mac (I just recently migrated from Quicken Windows, long time user) and there doesn't appear to be a Validate File function (at least not one that I can find).
    Any other ideas?
  • Update: I was able to get my two accounts to auto reconcile by manually reconciling them and clicking the auto reconcile button in the reconcile pop up window. Trying to set auto reconcile through the account settings download tab would not work.
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