Where do I find my order number?

I signed up for Quicken premier and got an email saying my subscription is active but never received an email with a receipt or order number. I have looked everywhere and cannot find it.


  • The Keeper
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    While in your Quicken register -
    • Click on "Help" in the menu bar
    • Click on "manage your subscription:
    • Click on "My Quicken Account"
    • In the "Subscription" window click on "manage"
    • The next window will show the charge amount and your renewal date
    • In the same window click on "manage subscription"
    • The next window will display your Quicken version - the charge amount - your payment history date and the amount paid.
    You can also log in to Quicken.com on your browser, sign in and receive the same info as above.

    The steps listed above will not display a receipt or an order number but will show the amount paid for your subscription.

    If you have "alerts" set up with your bank or credit union to receive a text or email when a charge is made to your credit card, you will receive an email showing the amount charged to your credit card and the payee which can also serve as a receipt. If you still feel you need more, there is the charge, payee, and amount displayed on your bank/credit card statement.

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    I need the order number
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    Why?  Who/what is asking for it?
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    jdobbe said:  I need the order number
    Why 😎
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