Entering existing reminders, but changing "pay from" account gives erroneous error

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This has been happening for a while (doesn't matter which existing reminder, or which accounts), so I think it's fairly easy to duplicate. I am at the latest Quicken version (happened before in at least 3 previous versions as well).

So I have pre-existing reminders on the "calendar" in Quicken. Example: Every 28th day my Verizon FIOS bill is due. I have it set to "pay from" Credit Card ABC (that's also in Quicken). Sometimes I change the CC on Verizon's site to get extra points/etc. So when I do that, I will find the *upcoming* reminder on the Quicken Calendar, double-click on the date, and it'll show me my reminders. I will ENTER (not Edit - since I don't want to adjust the entire future series) that reminder. In the pop-up screen, I'll see the "old/current" details. I will then go to the pay from account which is a drop-down list and select the NEW credit card. When I do that, the "amount" doesn't change (it's still say, $184.34) But Quicken will give me an erroneous error/pop-up stating:

"There is no need to use a minus sign in the amount. Quicken has removed it for you automatically".

Well, first, the "original" NEVER had a minus sign, so WTH?
Second, even though it supposedly "fixes" things that never needed fixing, it will then NOT let you click Enter Transaction (well OK, it will) and keeps giving you the SAME message over and over again (you basically cannot proceed).

The ONLY way I've found around it, is to leave the details as they were, enter it, then go to the account and MOVE the transaction to the desired credit card.

Any ideas why it does this?


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