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Maybe I am late to the party but while Quicken figures out the Bank of America account update issue you can still manually update your new transactions from Bank of America by going to your BOA account, activity, download, Webconnect Quicken and enter in the dates you want downloaded. Once the file opens just click on it and it will automatically update your Quicken transactions for that account. Took me a while to fine the notes on how to do this. Hope it helps.


  • Thanks! That worked perfectly for me. I use Mac and wasn't sure if that patch would apply to mine or not. As long as I don't have to enter it all manually I can manage. Thanks for posting.
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    edited December 2022
    I have done it this way for years. It worked last week when I updated my books, and today it failed. I have to "upgrade" to a new connection method, and the upgrade process was a complete shamble. Error codes, random HTML in the browser and, of course, no success. 

    [Removed - Rant]
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    Issues with new connection method, where QW just hangs after saying that it was successful.    Tried a second time and same problem.
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    quicken W hangs whilst updating Bank of America
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