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For at least the past 2 months (perhaps longer) quicken has reported that I have more shares reported by Edward Jones than I actually have. My Quicken amounts agree with my Edward Jones statements. However, Quicken Reconcile Shares is reporting the number of shares in a particular security is the same as that for a different security in the same account (the amount for that security is correct). I have asked Edward Jones to look into this, but I suspect the problem is really on the Quicken side. Any thoughts on correcting this?


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    What Q BUILD are you running?  Find this info at HELP, About Quicken.
    What type of Shares are you talking about?  What securities? 
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    Version R45.13 Build
    Shares in Invesco Investment Grade Municipal Trust #120 are being reported incorrectly as the number of shares in Mainstay Mackay High Yield Muni A.
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    Hi @MikeF53

    It sounds like perhaps your investments are - for some reason - incorrectly setup in Quicken.  Can you take a look, for instance, at your "Security List" in Quicken for the Invesco muni investment, to see if the symbol and CUSIP data might be incorrect (in other words whether those data points - in Quicken - are actually for "Mainstay Mackay"?

    Get back to me and we'll go from there.


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  • MikeF53
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    I will do that, but I have owned these for years and this situation is new. Will update after checking.
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    I have exactly this same situation with Raymond James. I contacted Raymond James and have been told that it is a Quicken issue that Quicken is aware of. Please advise.
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    @MikeF53 and @dengib

    It sounds like you may be experiencing the known issue with 45.xx versions, securities comparison mismatch. See this discussion for details and a workaround.

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