OL-301-A Problem on Credit Union Account

Beginning yesterday, I encountered the above OL-301-A problem with one of my financial institutions on which I have several accounts. I've been on the phone for a few hours now with Quicken Technical Support and the Credit Union's Technical Support, each pointing to the other. I've provided log files, followed instructions to refreshed online transaction information, applied the mondo patch, etc., and nothing has changed. All financial institution except this one work.

It would be wonderful if Quicken would establish some form of collaborative agreement between their technical support and the various financial institutions to provide problem analysis rather than putting the customer in the middle.

Something as simple as comparing transaction logs by matching timestamps would seem a logical way to identify if the problem was on the Quicken side or the Financial Institution's side. Been using Quicken for more than 2 decades and find this discouraging at best.


  • The problem was with the financial institution. I sent them the connection log file, and asked that they debug using timestamps to see what was happening on their end. Transactions processed yesterday and I received a call from their customer support rep that they'd identified the problem on their end.
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    Which bank are/were you having problems with?
    It would help the Community to know the name of the bank. Other Quicken users of the same bank may be experiencing the same problem and, without the bank name, can't find this discussion.
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