Is this an ongoing bug? Or is it just me?

DTill Member
1. when opening a register for investing accounts, they always are in the same fixed location (not the location I moved it to the last time I viewed it) and while the register details are viewable on the window, the lower border including the Add & Manage Bills & Income buttons are below the windows edge - I have to move the register window to see/access them. Even after I relocate the window and close it, re-opening puts it back in the same inconvenient location. This only happens on investment registers; no issues with any other registers.

2. I do not close Quicken and reopen it every time I use it. After I download & reconcile transactions for investments, then a few days later I download more transactions - the flag will appear to indicate new transactions pending, but when I go to the view the Downloaded Transactions list it shows the previous transactions in the accepted state and no sign of the new transactions. After I close & reopen Quicken and download I get the new transactions to reconcile. Again, this only happens on Investing accounts, not on any other accounts in Quicken.

These issues have been going on for years, and not just the latest update/version.
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