after upgrading and downloading bank info I have a checking account I cannot delete (Q Mac)

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When I try to delete the checking account I get the message cannot delete because there are pending payment. The last the dates are not in order. It is a mess, and wrong, how do I get rid of it?


  • RickO
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    To sort the register by date, click the Date column header (the word "Date"). To reverse the sort, click it again.

    You will need to delete any pending payment transactions before you can delete the account. There is a trick for this: First, locate any pending payments by looking in the Check# column for words like "sent" or "waiting". (If the Check# column isn't showing, click menu View > Columns.)

    Next, select a pending transaction and while holding down the Option key on the keyboard, select menu Transactions > Delete Transaction. You should get a popup menu like this:

    Click Delete Transaction. Repeat for any other pending transactions that you find. (Hint: sort the register by Check# to group them together.) Once you have all the pending transactions removed, you should be able to delete the account.
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